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Dec 15, 2019 · Coinage began in Lydia, in the interior of West Anatolia, in the form of electrum in the second half of the 7th century B.C., around 630. Electrum is an alloy of gold and silver that varies in its natural state between 65% and 85% gold, and neither weighing nor the touchstone can tell the percentage in between with any precision. Electrum - WashtenawJustice - Google

Electrum is believed to have been used in coins c.600 BCE in Lydia during the reign of Alyattes. Electrum was much better for coinage than gold, mostly because it was harder and more durable, but also because techniques for refining gold were not widespread at the time. The Handbook of Greek Coinage Series As a result, Classical Numismatic Group is publishing The Handbook of Greek Coinage Series, written by Oliver D. Hoover, in a series of 13 volumes, each covering a specified area of Greek coinage, with the first being The Handbook of Syrian Coins: Royal and Civic Issues, Fourth to First Centuries BC (Volume 9 in the series). This series is Electrum coins, currency exchange and transaction costs in ... Electrum coins, currency exchange and transaction costs 2009] Abstract: This paper is part of a more general investigation into currency exchange and transaction costs in the ancient Greek world. I will limit myself here to the issue of currency exchange connected with the use of electrum coinage. The electrum coinage of Western Asia Minor The Importance of the Lydian Stater as the World's First ...

Sep 24, 2015 · After that prolific era, Carthage also struck electrum coinage during its three wars with Rome: the First Punic War (264 to 241 B.C.), the Second Punic War (218 to 201 B.C.), and the Third Punic War (149 to 146 B.C.). As a footnote, we should also …

White Gold: Studies in Early Electrum Coinage [Hardback] This book collects the most complete, current scholarship on the history of known examples of ancient electrum coinage of the Greek world, with text, catalogue, and images. The Coins of Croesus In Lydia the effective standard in Croesus' time (as judged from the electrum coinage) seems to have been somewhat less at 14.1 x 30 = 424 gm; this is equivalent to a stater of 424/60 = 7.1 gm, or perhaps 424/50 = 8.5 gm, neither of which figures matches the actual weight scale. Archaic Electrum - Forum Ancient Coins Archaic Electrum Coinage from Ionia (and its Neighbors) The earliest dated coin hoard was deposited in the foundation of the Artemision, the temple of Artemis at Ephesos, as an offering during construction, c. 600 B.C. These earliest coins, which included many of the types on this page, were struck from electrum, an alloy of gold and silver. Ancient Greek Coinage - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Electrum. Electrum is an alloy of gold and silver. Electrum is naturally occurring and is also produced artificially through metallurgic processes. Etymologically, the word is probably connected with ἦλέκτωρ (the sun), the root meaning "brilliant." In ancient literature, the word also referred to amber.

the attribution of relative values to silver and electrum coinage problematic, it is worth noting that, on a known mid-fourth century ratio of 1:10.5, an electrum obol would be worth just less than a silver stater, and an electrum drachm over five silver staters.14 Whatever … History of coins - Wikipedia

13 Dec 2016 By the time Croesus succeeded his father Alyattes as king of Lydia in 561 B.C., electrum coinage already had been used in Asia Minor for 

The worlds earliest coins were created from a naturally occurring alloy called electrum - a mixture of gold and silver with trace amounts of platinum, copper and   A natural alloy of gold and silver, electrum was used to produce the earliest western coins, from the seventh century BC on. The ANS's collection of early and later  facture of coins only from electrum, with its variable gold content, was a whether electrum coinage began in the first or second half of the seventh century.

This book collects the most complete, current scholarship on the history of known examples of ancient electrum coinage of the Greek world, with text, catalogue, 

Jun 09, 2019 · Electrum could now circulate freely rather than being handicapped by non-uniformity. The decision to turn electrum into coinage had converted “stocks of what …

Electrum coins from Gordion, by A. R. Bellinger.--Observations on the Wappenmünzen, by R. J. Hopper.--Problems of the earliest owls of Athens, by E. J. P.  8 Nov 2019 I really liked userr3's coins with numbers, but since there were only high numbers on platinum and electrum was missing completely, I tried to fi.